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  1. Academic Admin/Head Admin
  2. Faculty


  1. Academic planning is helpful to do systematic plan of lectures, events and holidays for semester or year
  2. Planning helps to calculate class rate at any point of time, and to plan for remaining activities


  1. Batch and term should be created
  2. Syllabus should be uploaded
  3. Faculty subject choice and faculty availability/unavailability should be done from their login
  4. Holidays and events should be marked in Academic Calendar


  1. When faculty marks unavailability from his login it replicates to academic admin while planning his/her  lecture
  2. Faculty subject choice helps academic admin to schedule faculty according to area of interest
  3. Marking of events, holidays replicates while calculating class rate

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Related Reports

Role: Academic Admin

  • Flow : Analysis >> Attendance >> Report

Related Forms

Role : Academic Admin

  • Organization>> Syllabus Configuration >> Syllabus
  • Functioning >> Faculty Subject Choice
  • Schedule >> Subject Allocation >> Faculty Non Availability Mapping
  • Schedule >> Subject class rate planning.
  • Planning >> Time table planning 

Role : Faculty

  • Academics >> Faculty Non Availability Mapping
  • Academics >> Subject Topic Choice 

Step By Step

Faculty Subject Topic Choice

1. Enable topics for choice from academic admin login

Academic Admin >> Organization >> Syllabus Configuration >> Syllabus

Add Edit Topic.png

Syllabus Creation.png

2. Subject choice from faculty login

Academic planning 4.png

3. Subject choice from academic admin login (On behalf of faculty)

Academic planning.png

4. Unfreeze choice from academic  admin login

Academic Planning 2.png

Faculty non-availability mapping

1. Non availability mapping from faculty login

Academic Planning 4.png

2. Non availability mapping from academic admin login (On behalf of faculty)

Academic Planning 6.png

Subject Class Rate Planning

 Instructional Days : 373/370/370

  • 373 = Total no of days (377) – Total Holidays(4)
  • 370 = Total no of days (377) – Total Holidays(4) – Events (3)
  • 370 = Total no of days (377) – Total Holidays(4) – Events (3) – Weekly Off (0)

Academic Planning 7.png

  • Total – Sum of All the sessions
  • Weekly Class Rate – (Total Sessions / No Of Days)*7
  • Weekly Class Rate(Excluding Event(s) and Holiday(s)) - (Total Sessions / (No Of Days –(Events) –(Holidays) )*7
  • Weekly Class Rate(Excluding Event(s) and Holiday(s)and Weekly Off) - (Total Sessions / (No Of Days –(Events) –(Holidays) – (Weekly Off) )*7
  • No of lecture to be conducted weekly – Enter the approximate lecture count per week

Academic Planning 9.png

Weekly Class Rate

Academic Planning 10.png

Time Table Planning

1. Adding new plan

Academic Planning 11.png

2. View plan

Academic Planning 12.png

3.Add/Edit Plan

Academic Planning 13.png

4. Faculty allocation

Academic Planning 14.png

Time Table

Academic Planning 16.png