Faculty Subject/Section Mapping

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Head Admin

Academic Admin


  1. To allocate faculty to their specific courses and sections/divisions.
  2. To replicate faculty to multiple sections.
  3. Can Create elective section.
  4. Able to save students to elective groups.(Flow is described in respective module)
  5. Able to assign multiple faculties to the subject.


  1. Define program with pattern and terms.
  2. Syllabus (subject list) for desired term.
  3. Term status should be planning and sections/divisions should be defined.
  4. In case of electives, elective choices  given by students (Elective choice flow is described in respective module)
  5. Faculty to be associated with program / course. 

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Section Mapping

Faculty Subject

Related Forms

Admin Path:

Academics >> Academic Schedules >> Teaching Workload


Academic Admin Path:

Planning >> Teaching Workload Planning 

Step By Step

Allocate faculty to core section

Step 1:

Faculty Subject-Section Mapping2.png

Step 2 :

Faculty Subject-Section Mapping 4.png

Step 3:

Faculty Subject-Section Mapping 8.png

Faculty replication

Faculty Subject-Section Mapping 10.png

Elective group creation

Faculty Subject-Section Mapping 12.png

Edit/delete elective section, allocate students & faculty

Faculty Subject-Section Mapping 14.png

Grid showing faculty-elective section allocation

Faculty Subject-Section Mapping 16.png