What are the reports those can be exported from faculty login related to student attendance? Can we send alert to students based upon attendance criterion?

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Student Attendance entered in system.
Role  Faculty login
Steps 1. Shortcut >> Select desired course file

2. Gems >> Course File >> Select ‘Attendance Tab’ >> Click on ‘View Student Attendance’

3. Select any one option from ‘Daily Attendance’, ‘Month wise Attendance’ and ‘Semester wise Attendance’. Mention date range or month range depending on selected option and then click on “Submit’ button.

4. Click on button ‘Excel’ to export report in excel sheet.

5. To send alert based on attendance, write cut off value in ‘Minimum attendance limit for sms’ and then click on button ‘select student’.

6. Select one of the option from ‘SMS, Mail, Meeting or Memo’ for sending alert to students

Result Faculty will able to get student attendance report of different formats and can send alert to them for short attendance.

Screen Shots

Coursefilefaq 4.png
Coursefilefaq 5.png


Coursefilefaq 6.png
Coursefilefaq 7.png